Coaching to develop confident communication

Coaching to develop confident communication

Coaching is future focused. A coach will explore what is happening in your life today and where you see the future. Although the past may come up, coaching does not dwell in the past. It is not about giving advice, opinions or passing judgement. Coaching is a structured process, which will last around 6 sessions. However this can be tailored to the individual. Generally the length of time in between a session will be agreed dependent on work to be undertaken.

Our role as your coach is to guide, to challenge and to encourage you throughout. We will keep you on track, and maintain the structure of the coaching. We will work in partnership with equal responsibility and shall commit to ensuring you achieve your goals.

You will be challenged to be the best you can be. This may be by giving you observational feedback, asking you questions and asking you to reflect on areas in your life. This will always be done in a respectful way. Our role is to give you encouragement throughout. We all need a good support system around us and someone who believes in us – as your coach this is what we will do.

We can help you with coaching for:

  • Career Development
  • Moving your Life Forward
  • Interview preparation
  • A special speech or presentation
  • Team Development
“Before I met Jill I was unsure what coaching was really about, however I very quickly realised the value of having someone to talk with, someone to help me clarify my thoughts and start to again see the wood from the trees. I would recommend that any manager take some time out and consider some coaching. The opportunity to talk through challenges faced and to clarify my thoughts was for me invaluable”
Gette Cobban, Home-Start Scheme Manager, Aberdeen