Action Learning

Action Learning (AL) is a form of peer learning which enables individuals to develop themselves and their organisations. It is a process of learning and reflection, supported by a small group or ‘set’ of people with the intention of moving issues forward through asking insightful questions and offering equal measures of support and challenge.

Through this process individuals learn with and from each other by working on their own particular situations and reflecting on their experience. J&J offer support to set up, establish and facilitate Action Learning, either as part of a larger development programme or as a stand alone process if required. We would aim to meet the needs of your company and your people.

Virtual Action Learning

Virtual Action Learning (VAL) is a popular variation of face to face Action Learning (AL).  VAL is defined as “Action Learning which takes place in a virtual environment…via a range of enabling, interactive and collaborative communication technologies.” (Dickenson, Pedler, and Burgoyne 2008, 2009).  There is an increasing demand for VAL due to trends in leadership development  which are more concerned with helping delegates tackle work issues in real time; additionally a more dispersed organisational work force, and the consequent need for more flexible modes of live non face to face communication channels also makes VAL an attractive proposition.

J and J have a proven track record in facilitating VAL through a range of medium. Why don’t you contact us for a chat about your needs in this area and the possibilities available to meet those needs.

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“My experiences of the Action Learning Group facilitated by Jane Ormerod and Jill Taylor were extremely positive. It provided a safe environment away from operational pressures to discuss some of the challenges in my role, uncover meaningful and practical strategies which I have been able to take forward in my role to try and facilitate meaningful and positive change, it has developed my ability to critically reflect and challenge some of my own assumptions, which can often be the main barriers to identifying solutions. This will be invaluable for my future career within the NHS”.
Philip Wilson, NHS Management Trainee