Our Services

Our aim is to deliver bespoke coaching, facilitation, training and development, which will enable you and your company to make the difference and deliver for the future. Ensuring we understand ‘the why ‘of our clients (and their company if appropriate), we would aim to enable you to tap into your own, company and personnel potential, take responsibility for and own your current and future service and people development.




Coaching is future focused. A coach will explore what is happening in your life today and where you see the future. Although the past may come up, coaching does not dwell in the past. It is not about giving advice, opinions or passing judgment. Coaching is a structured process, which will last around 6 sessions. However this can be tailored to the individual. Generally the length of time in between a session will be agreed dependent on work to be undertaken.

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tick-service-icon1Action Learning

Action Learning (AL) is a form of peer learning which enables individuals to develop themselves and their organisations. It is a process of learning and reflection, supported by a small group or ‘set’ of people with the intention of moving issues forward through asking insightful questions and offering equal measures of support and challenge.

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Facilitation is a professional intervention we offer for a wide range of meetings. Facilitation is concerned with enabling groups and organisations to work more effectively through a process to achieve an outcome. The facilitator uses a range of skills to encourage a group to be fair, open and inclusive, whilst remaining neutral themselves.

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tick-service-icon1High performing Organisation / 3-Step Improvement Framework

Are you working towards becoming a High performing Organisation (NHSS QIH 2014), or indeed utilising the “The 3-Step Improvement Framework for Scotland’s Public Services” (Scottish Government 2014).

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The focus of J and J in terms of the mentoring relationship would be in relation to this statement from The  Prometheus Foundation:

“A great mentor has a knack for making us think we are better than we think we are. They force us to have a good opinion of ourselves, let us know they believe in us. They make us get more out of ourselves, and once we learn how good we really are, we never settle for anything less than our very best”.

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Educational resources development and implementation

This area of service is centred on making teaching and learning meaningful through the development and implementation of effective resources.

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Virtual Action Learning (VAL)

Action Learning which takes place in a virtual/audio environment, rather than face to face. In the context of the eHealth Leadership programme the working VAL environment was on the telephone throughout five cohorts. In the first cohort the facilitators did not meet the participants prior to the first VAL. In subsequent cohorts following feedback from participants who said they would prefer to meet the two facilitators face to face we joined them at their programme introductory day.

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