Action Learning

“My experiences of the Action Learning Group facilitated by Jane Ormerod and Jill Taylor were extremely positive. It provided a safe environment away from operational pressures to discuss some of the challenges in my role, uncover meaningful and practical strategies which I have been able to take forward in my role to try and facilitate meaningful and positive change, it has developed my ability to critically reflect and challenge some of my own assumptions, which can often be the main barriers to identifying solutions. This will be invaluable for my future career within the NHS”.
Philip Wilson, NHS Management Trainee

“Jane is alert to the dynamics within a set, which guides her as to the level of direction and challenge she then must provide to benefit all set members. As a Master Practitioner of NLP, Jane has very good communication skills and uses these skills within action learning to ensure trust within the group, exploration of issues and growth in the participants particularly in their level of reflection and responsibility to action. Jane will not hesitate to facilitate what may initially be perceived to be a ‘difficult conversation’, using her communication skills to decide when it is safe and appropriate to do so within sets. Overall, Jane is an excellent facilitator, keeping focus within the set to the issue being explored and preventing sets to veer off at a tangent”.

Denise Johnson, Healthcare Professional


“Before I met Jill I was unsure what coaching was really about, however I very quickly realised the value of having someone to talk with, someone to help me clarify my thoughts and start to again see the wood from the trees. I would recommend that any manager take some time out and consider some coaching. The opportunity to talk through challenges faced and to clarify my thoughts was for me invaluable”.

Gette Cobban, Home-Start Scheme Manager, Aberdeen

Team Building

“Our organisation has expanded greatly over the last few years bringing in a number of new staff members. I came to see through my coaching sessions the benefit of bringing the whole team together on a regular basis to improve communication. This is working well and the feedback from the team has been really positive. As well as our regular team sessions Jill and Jane worked with us to develop a recent team building day. I believe our whole team has learnt a great deal about each other and this has improved the way that we now work together”.

Home-Start Aberdeen